APEH Notes 2

Attention Students & Parents:

You will find the regular homework sets, learning resources, documents, study aids and curve packet vocabulary terms attached to each unit. Remember that the Curve Packet is always optional, no student is required to complete it. Students have about eight weeks to complete their curve packet. You only need a ONE sentence definition for each term. Flash cards are an excellent option. My suggestion is ten to fifteen terms a night. With effective time management these terms are manageable. As an alternative to the definitions, students may write a paper analyzing the history of the period covered in the unit employing 70% of the terms listed for the curve packet. There is no "busy work" in this class. My homework tasks have been adjusted several times over the years based on the testimony from former students who earned qualifying scores on their AP exam. If you have questions or concerns about homework expectations please email me at dshanahan@rcps.info.